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How to give your home a sustainable makeover

As we become more aware of the impact our daily lives have on the environment, there has never been a more relevant period in our history to consider upcycling when it comes to interiors. Sustainability has never been more important. Well the good news is that there are lots of things we can do to live more harmoniously with earth starting from our home.

So to help you get started on introducing sustainable interior design into your home, I’ve gathered around 3 main essentials to make your home shift to the right track. 

Rather than buying new, cheap goods from multinational brands, take a trip to antique shops, auction houses and charity shops. You will find items that are better suited to your style and that have more value and loads more character when buying locally. Giving hand-crafted pieces a new lease on life creates opportunities to own something that has been lovingly crafted as opposed to mass produced. There’s nothing more sustainable when it comes to interiors than buying antique furniture.

To get fully behind sustainable principles when it comes to interiors, be extra careful about what you throw away. Give a second mission to objects, move artwork around to give it a new lease of life…One way to refresh a design often is by taking a creative approach to existing pieces. Why dump a perfectly functional foot stool or chair when it has good bones? Give it a transformation by changing its fabric or re-staining it.

La casa en rosa

Buy interior objects made from recycled materials if you really must buy new things for your home. There is now a whole movement of architects, designers and artists who transform waste into luxury objects from eco conscious furniture, lighting, art and décor.

Designer Meb Rure created the Recycled Silk Chair,

We all know that any true revolution begins at home — and that to make any significant difference will require a definitive lifestyle change.

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