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Yiorgos Trichas: “Dryad” cameo sculpture

Ceramic Cameo sculpture

Handmade and Unique

Made in Greece


About the artist:
I am Yiorgos Trichas and as you are reading this, you are viewing a piece of mine

…or rather, a piece of me.

What follows is not an artist’s bio.

It’s a journey through a series of coincidences.

My journey starts in Siros – this wondrous island which brought me up. Syros offered me a unique sense of freedom and a deep appreciation of art as an essential part of the quotidien. It is the memory of that place that brings me back to my raw state; It reminds me of who I am and who I want to be. It is there that I draw my inspiration from; the cycladic light streaming in through the shutters, the smell of bare earth, the pastel hues, the neoclassical architecture.

As a speech therapist, I get daily reminders that in life, there is plenty of room to change and reshape, once you bring something back to its unprocessed, unrefined state and resculpt it. The making of ceramics is no different; the creator imagines, handles, manipulates, sculpts, withdraws and ponders the result.

Moments after I walked into the ceramics studio for the first time, my instructor’s voice echoed into the room: “Make something. Whatever comes to mind.”

This simple direction has been internally guiding my creative process ever since.

I hope this piece will find its place in your space and life.

I hope that you will find your own Syros to return to.

Just like in ceramics, our raw state can define our journey. Remember to return back to it.


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