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Stathis Samantas: Metallic Floral Brocade Heels

Metallic floral brocade heels embroidered with antique penny and Greek tsarouchi tassel.

This heels are part of three shoe designs that were designed and manufactured for the participation of the Stathis Samantas in a design competition in Milan which took place in 2012 and he was ranked in a first position.


About the designer:

The predominant characteristics of the collection are clean austere lines and geometrical patterns which are further enhanced by intense coloring and usually combined with dual tomes or trichromes thus creating an au courant relevant to the seasonal style and trends result, ensuring a classic non ephemeral effect.

Frequently the designs are characterized by pastel coloring and quieter lines in order to amplify design details. The high-end design shoes are handcrafted with luxury Italian leathers and are already celebrated for being comfortable and anatomical. Inside each shoe box there is a story, written by the designer himself.

Everything is written from the designer’s point-of-view as a man who doesn’t think that being in touch with our desire and ability to talk about it is negative. This is a celebration of the desire of human psyche, which is seeking what is missing.



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