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LITO: “Grand Bleu” necklace ‘Beirut my ♥️ … tu Es Partout…’

Ward off evil and stay protected with our all seeing amulet.

In Mediterranean culture, the eye charm has been used for centuries, while this protective eye appears in West Asia and Jewish rabbinic literature on several occasions.

Lito’s evil eye jewelry takes its own path as an apotropaic talisman, achieving inner balance and retaining centered life values.

Each piece is individually hand painted, in a variety of colors, by Michael, a Russian iconographer in a small village outside Moscow, enameled, encased in gold and then adorned with precious stones.

Michael’s fine detailing gives the amulet a hyperreal quality, the eye seems to consistently follow you, and makes each piece one of a kind.

After meticulous quality control, our charms are set free to protect and guide their owner.

For this particular necklace,

Lito wanted to talk about her love for Beirut and tell us that Beirut is always in our heart and we carry her within us everywhere we go…

So she engraved at the back

Beirut my ♥️ … tu Es Partout….

14K pink gold “Grand Bleu” necklace with big blue enamelled eye


About the designer:
Lito has a rare ability to gracefully roam between the realms of modernism, romance, science, ancient tribes and tradition with a sui generis finishing touch that few visionary artists can achieve.

It is the deep knowledge of all the worlds every woman carries inside her, alongside with meticulous craftsmanship and a taste level that has been perfected by sculpture studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris and technical drawing at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfevrerie.

From India to Japan and Egypt to Russia, Lito travels the globe with the heart of a modern age pirate, in search of magnificent stones and uncommon materials.

Her always curious eye never stops astonishing us with ever changing ways of translating her sensitive yet bold view of the world into pieces that a woman can place on her body as symbols of who she is, where she came from and what her dreams are made of.

Pieces so unique and inspiring that become instant collectibles and have honored the fashion shows of Kenzo and Jean Paul Gaultier couture and “pret-a-porter” collections.

Lito’s avant-garde work is showcased in Olivier Dupon’s book by Thames & Hudson Ltd titled “The new Jewellers” – an anthology of rising talent in the field of jewellery creation across the globe, introducing the most emblematic new designers.

Since 1999, “Cabinet des Curiosities” is Lito’s atelier-boutique in the center of her hometown, Athens. Similar to the city that shelters it and much like Lito, it is indeed a chest full of wonders.

In 2011, Lito launched her own wholesale distribution company and has gradually reached global markets through carefully planned steps and collaborations. Her pieces have been included in the portfolio of galleries and stores throughout three continents.


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