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Tagaθon [ta – ga;thóν] box with gems from all over Greece, anthologized by Chef Andreas Lagos.

“With love and vision I started an initiative in support of authentic Greek products and Greek producers, pushing the creation, the exquisite flavors and everything that defines what Epikouros called “Good”.

In the box a small part of Greece is revealed. A Greece as I see and feel it, to create, to be inspired, to stand out, to love what it do, to fascinate, to satisfy the look and to delight the soul.

I invite you to give Greek products the place they deserve in Greece and the world.”


About Andreas Lagos:

Andreas Lagos was born into a farming family in Samos. He spent his childhood in vegetable gardens, fields and orchards.

He studied to become a chef and pastry chef at the Le Monde Institute in Athens. At the age of 19, he was awarded the gold medal in the European Competition of Mediterranean Cooking in Crete.

He collaborates with restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and also writes recipes for magazines and sites on gastronomy. He has also came up with the idea of the “nomad chef”, where he cooks for private tea parties, brunches and dinners. He is constantly traveling throughout Greece and also visits other countries in his ongoing exploration of the Mediterranean Cuisine.


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