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3 Deco Mistakes to avoid

When you decide to venture around your space, be aware that you will make mistakes. Well everyone does… we are humans at the end of the day (except if you are an alien reading this post)! The important part of making a mistake is learning from it, moving forward and definitely not repeating it again.

So apart from my deep talks here’s some of the “faux pas” I made and will never repeat:

Playing it safe
Aka BORING. Venture in you deco!! The more you push your imagination the more magical your interior will be! Don’t stick to the boring conventional seating arrangement of one sofa and a chair from each side… I did it and I hate it. Move furniture around and create a new spirit! Don’t let fear hold you back! 

Photo: Pieter Estersohn
Photo: Pieter Estersohn

DON’T follow any invisible grid. 
Since I mentioned rearranging your furniture try to move them away from the wall or just use the wall in a smart way that creates a different vibe to the space! If you don’t have the space try to angle pieces slightly or customize furniture. In that way you will have integrated a different flow for the room. 

Black Lacquer Design

Fake wallpapering 
The thing that I hate the most is wallpapering a fake texture  (wood, stone…) on a wall! It will look beautiful in pictures but horrible live. So learning from this mistake you don’t want your home to lack the sense of authenticity with an unnatural feel. 

Maura Mcevoy

Every design choice we make has a sensual effect on us

 Lebo Grand

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