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AD Leb: tribute of a Mother

In Beirut, out of grief and pain, a new initiative to support the creative community was born.

Art Design Lebanon (AD Leb) a project originally conceived by Gaïa Fodoulian, a young Beirut-based creative, who was tragically killed by the 4th of August 2020 explosion in Beirut, is seeing the light thanks to her mother, gallerist and patron of the arts, Annie Vartivarian fulfilling the vital work that talented Gaïa started.

Image: @artdesignlebanon

AD Leb a new platform for creatives which showcases the best of the arts and culture scene in Lebanon. A new online gallery, in conjunction with a pop-up exhibition program, will allow visitors to access the wealth of contemporary art and design from this region, as way to support this creative community in the aftermath of the 2020 Beirut explosion.

For the launch exhibition, emerging and established artists and designers are creating new works as a response to the exhibition title, Everyone is the creator of one’s own faith. This title refers to a line written by Gaïa Fodoulian herself as the caption of one of her last posts on social media. Taking this line as inspiration, the group exhibition will attempt to shed light on what it means to produce art amid the precariousness of daily life in Lebanon and address whether making art in extreme circumstances is an act of faith itself.

Image: @artdesignlebanon

The first physical show is taking place in the historic Tabbal Building in Beirut for the launch; a striking heritage building in Sursock street, dating back to the 1890s, which was partially damaged by the explosions. Installed on the first floor, a host of newly created contemporary design and artwork will be presented in dialogue with each other, as a powerful testament to the resilience of this community within the historic setting of this traditional architecture. Participating artists and designers from the region include Samer Bou Rjeily, Karen Chekerdjian, Hatem Imam, Sirine Fattouh, Gaïa Fodoulian, Paul Kaloustian, Nathalie Khayat, Hussein Nassereddine and Caroline Tabet. This exhibition is designed by

Everyone is the creator of one’s own faith will also be complemented by a digital exhibition for global audiences to engage with the immense diversity of creativity from the region. AD Leb will allow visitors access to this talented group of creatives as well as provide a way to support the Beirut community in the wake of the explosion. A program of further in person pop up exhibitions, talks and events will take place following the initial exhibition, with more details to follow.

All proceeds from AD Leb will go to support the Gaïa Fodoulian Foundation, an organization founded in Gaïa’s memory to carry on her passion for animal welfare, particularly stray animals and other animals in need. The Foundation is run by Gaïa’s sister, Mariana Fodoulian, a veterinary doctor.

From grief, an initiative has risen; a genuine tentative to prevail hope and beauty over fear and obscurity.

Discover the launch of AD Leb here

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