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Photo by Haralampos Giannakopoulos

Welcome to Decoventure!

decoventure.com is a digital blogging platform dedicated for deco and art lovers: a venture in the world of architecture, interior and all different trends initiated in September 2016.
Sharing innovative tips and tricks that make life much easier, highlighting the latest news and vogue in the world of deco while discovering remarkable spots in Lebanon and all around the world.

Georges Abou Chabke
Interior architect and art director based between Beirut and Athens. 

Holder of a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from USEK University with high distinction and ranked on top of the 2012 promotion, Georges had since then the opportunity to achieve a wide range of projects from designing residential and commercial areas to creating and executing set designs.

Beside implementing international and local projects, he decided to create this unique design platform. The blog DECOVENTURE.com is celebrating 3 years of success through which Georges shares out loud his passion for decoration as well as his inspiration and a distinctful venture around the world.